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With 25 years’ experience selling construction supplies and fastenings, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and only selling quality products from respected brands.

While our website features the most popular products from the brands listed below, we actually stock a much broader range. For a full list of products or a customised proposal based on your specific requirements, please contact us.

Abey logo
Abey is an Australian manufacturer of plumbing clipping systems, flexible connectors, stainless steel building connectors and flashings.
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Alpha logo
Alpha is an Australian brand for premium quality power tool accessories, including drill bits, driver bits and hole saws, to name a few.
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Bosch logo
Bosch is a global leader in the manufacturing of power tool accessories. They provide drilling solutions, sawing solutions, abrasives and more.
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Bostik logo
Bostik is a world market leader in adhesive technology. They manufacture and supply a wide range of commercial sealants and adhesives.
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Bremick logo
Bremick is an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler of fasteners. Their portfolio of products includes screws, nuts, bolts and washers.
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Caddy logo
Caddy is Pentair’s brand for fastening and support products. Caddy provides cabling solutions, bracing systems and framing systems, among others.
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Diggers logo
Diggers dates back to World War 2 Australia and is now owned by Recochem. Their product line includes solvents, thinners, acids and cleaners.
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Dy-Mark logo
Dy-Mark is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of marking paints and coatings. They are well known for their spray and mark – marking out paint.
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Edco logo
Edco is an Australian company which has developed a wide range of high quality, excellent value cleaning products.
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Elka logo
Elka is an Australian brand which specialises in disposable hygiene products such as paper towels, toilet paper and garbage bags.
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Gorilla logo
Gorilla is an Australian ladder manufacturer. You can rest assured all their ladders meet the toughest Australian safety standards.
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H.B. Fuller logo
H.B. Fuller is an Australian company and a global leader in industrial adhesives. Their Max Bond product is known by tradies everywhere.
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Hobson logo
Hobson is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of fasteners. The Hobson brand is known for quality and innovation.
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Husky logo
Husky are Australian specialists in adhesive tape. Their collection includes masking tape, duct tape, foil tape, electrical tape and foam sealing tape.
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Impact-A logo
Impact-A brand is an Australian brand that has a wide range of quality products for the construction industry.
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Intex logo
Intex is an Australian distributor of predominantly plastering products. Their portfolio includes sanding accessories, jointing tapes and more.
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Josco logo
Josco is an Australian brand that specialises in industrial brushware. They provide solutions for grinding, sanding, cutting, polishing and cleaning.
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Koala logo
Koala nails is an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler of fasteners, primarily nails, screws and anchors.
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Megapoxy logo
Megapoxy is Vivacity Engineering’s brand for epoxy resin systems. They are well-regarded as a top quality brand in adhesives.
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Midwest logo
Midwest is a United States brand for high quality edge hand tools. They are best known for their metal cutting snips.
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Paslode logo
Paslode is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of gas and pneumatic fastening solutions.
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PFERD logo
Pferd is a leader in solutions for material cutting and surface fixing. Their product range includes hole saws, files and cut-off wheels.
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Powers logo
Powers is an Australian brand of fasteners. Their suite of products includes anchors, screws, rivets and power tool accessories.
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ProChoice logo
ProChoice is an Australian brand of premium quality personal protective equipment. Their safety gear is always compliant with Australian standards.
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Ramset logo
Ramset develop, manufacture and supply products for drilling, anchoring and fixing. Their range includes gas actuated fastening systems and adhesives.
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Sika logo
Sika have a reputation for superior quality sealants and adhesives. They are well known for their Sikaflex-PRO and Sikaflex 11FC products.
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Snap logo
Snap is an Australian manufacturer of fire collars. Their fire collars are market leading and provide the highest level of fire protection.
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Stanley logo
Stanley is famous for high quality tools and accessories. Their range of tools includes saws, blades, levels, screwdrivers and much more.
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Sterling logo
Sterling is an Australian brand for top quality knives, blades, snips, abrasives, stationery and hand tools.
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WD-40 logo
WD-40 is a global household name. They have provided lubrication solutions for over 60 years.
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