Cup head bolts – with nuts


These cup head bolts with come with nuts to match and are available in zinc or gal. Choose M6, M8, M10 or M12 thickness and your desired length.



These cup head bolts with come with nuts to match and are available in zinc or gal. Choose M6, M8, M10 or M12 thickness and your desired length.


  • Cup head makes this bolt suitable for fixing to timber
  • Coated steel provides protection against corrosion
  • Choose zinc plated steel for indoor use and hot-dip galvanised steel for outdoor use

Cup head bolts with nuts – quick reference

Code Size Specs Qty
CHBMG06020HP M6 x 20mm HDG 200
CHBMG06025HP M6 x 25mm HDG 200
CHBMG06030HP M6 x 30mm HDG 200
CHBMG06040HP M6 x 40mm HDG 200
CHBMG06050HP M6 x 50mm HDG 200
CHBMG06065HP M6 x 65mm HDG 150
CHBMG06075HP M6 x 75mm HDG 150
CHBMG06090HP M6 x 90mm HDG 150
CHBMG06100HP M6 x 100mm HDG 150
CHBMG08020HP M8 x 20mm HDG 200
CHBMG08025HP M8 x 25mm HDG 200
CHBMG08030HP M8 x 30mm HDG 200
CHBMG08040HP M8 x 40mm HDG 200
CHBMG08050HP M8 x 50mm HDG 150
CHBMG08065HP M8 x 65mm HDG 150
CHBMG08075HP M8 x 75mm HDG 100
CHBMG08090HP M8 x 90mm HDG 100
CHBMG08100HP M8 x 100mm HDG 100
CHBMG08130HP M8 x 130mm HDG 100
CHBMG08150HP M8 x 150mm HDG 100
CHBMG10025HP M10 x 25mm HDG 200
CHBMG10030HP M10 x 30mm HDG 200
CHBMG10040HP M10 x 40mm HDG 150
CHBMG10050HP M10 x 50mm HDG 100
CHBMG10065HP M10 x 65mm HDG 100
CHBMG10075HP M10 x 75mm HDG 100
CHBMG10090HP M10 x 90mm HDG 50
CHBMG10100HP M10 x 100mm HDG 50
CHBMG10130HP M10 x 130mm HDG 50
CHBMG10150HP M10 x 150mm HDG 50
CHBMG10180HP M10 x 180mm HDG 100
CHBMG10200HP M10 x 200mm HDG 100
CHBMG12040HP M12 x 40mm HDG 200
CHBMG12050HP M12 x 50mm HDG 150
CHBMG12065HP M12 x 65mm HDG 150
CHBMG12075HP M12 x 75mm HDG 150
CHBMG12090HP M12 x 90mm HDG 100
CHBMG12100HP M12 x 100mm HDG 100
CHBMG12130HP M12 x 130mm HDG 75
CHBMG12150HP M12 x 150mm HDG 75
CHBMG12180HP M12 x 180mm HDG 75
CHBMG12200HP M12 x 200mm HDG 75
CHBMZ06020HP M6 x 20mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ06025HP M6 x 25mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ06030HP M6 x 30mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ06040HP M6 x 40mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ06050HP M6 x 50mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ06065HP M6 x 65mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ06075HP M6 x 75mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ06090HP M6 x 90mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ06100HP M6 x 100mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ08020HP M8 x 20mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ08025HP M8 x 25mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ08030HP M8 x 30mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ08040HP M8 x 40mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ08050HP M8 x 50mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ08065HP M8 x 65mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ08075HP M8 x 75mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ08090HP M8 x 90mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ08100HP M8 x 100mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ08130HP M8 x 130mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ08150HP M8 x 150mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ10025HP M10 x 25mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ10030HP M10 x 30mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ10040HP M10 x 40mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ10050HP M10 x 50mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ10065HP M10 x 65mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ10075HP M10 x 75mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ10090HP M10 x 90mm Zinc 50
CHBMZ10100HP M10 x 100mm Zinc 50
CHBMZ10130HP M10 x 130mm Zinc 50
CHBMZ10150HP M10 x 150mm Zinc 50
CHBMZ10180HP M10 x 180mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ10200HP M10 x 200mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ12040HP M12 x 40mm Zinc 200
CHBMZ12050HP M12 x 50mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ12065HP M12 x 65mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ12075HP M12 x 75mm Zinc 150
CHBMZ12090HP M12 x 90mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ12100HP M12 x 100mm Zinc 100
CHBMZ12130HP M12 x 130mm Zinc 75
CHBMZ12150HP M12 x 150mm Zinc 75
CHBMZ12180HP M12 x 180mm Zinc 75
CHBMZ12200HP M12 x 200mm Zinc 75

Cup head bolts are sometimes referred to as carriage bolts.You can browse the full range of nuts and bolts here.

Additional information


-, M06 x 100mm, M06 x 130mm, M06 x 150mm, M06 x 20mm, M06 x 25mm, M06 x 30mm, M06 x 40mm, M06 x 45mm, M06 x 50mm, M06 x 60mm, M06 x 65mm, M06 x 70mm, M06 x 75mm, M06 x 80mm, M06 x 90mm, M08 x 100mm, M08 x 110mm, M08 x 120mm, M08 x 130mm, M08 x 140mm, M08 x 150mm, M08 x 170mm, M08 x 180mm, M08 x 20mm, M08 x 25mm, M08 x 30mm, M08 x 40mm, M08 x 45mm, M08 x 50mm, M08 x 60mm, M08 x 65mm, M08 x 70mm, M08 x 75mm, M08 x 90mm, M10 x 100mm, M10 x 110mm, M10 x 120mm, M10 x 130mm, M10 x 140mm, M10 x 150mm, M10 x 160mm, M10 x 16mm, M10 x 170mm, M10 x 180mm, M10 x 190mm, M10 x 200mm, M10 x 20mm, M10 x 220mm, M10 x 240mm, M10 x 25mm, M10 x 260mm, M10 x 280mm, M10 x 300mm, M10 x 30mm, M10 x 325mm, M10 x 350mm, M10 x 375mm, M10 x 400mm, M10 x 40mm, M10 x 45mm, M10 x 50mm, M10 x 60mm, M10 x 65mm, M10 x 70mm, M10 x 75mm, M10 x 85mm, M10 x 90mm, M12 x 100mm, M12 x 110mm, M12 x 120mm, M12 x 130mm, M12 x 140mm, M12 x 150mm, M12 x 160mm, M12 x 170mm, M12 x 180mm, M12 x 190mm, M12 x 200mm, M12 x 220mm, M12 x 240mm, M12 x 260mm, M12 x 280mm, M12 x 300mm, M12 x 30mm, M12 x 325mm, M12 x 350mm, M12 x 375mm, M12 x 400mm, M12 x 40mm, M12 x 450mm, M12 x 45mm, M12 x 500mm, M12 x 50mm, M12 x 60mm, M12 x 65mm, M12 x 70mm, M12 x 75mm, M12 x 85mm, M12 x 90mm, M16 x 100mm, M16 x 120mm, M16 x 130mm, M16 x 140mm, M16 x 150mm, M16 x 160mm, M16 x 170mm, M16 x 180mm, M16 x 200mm, M16 x 220mm, M16 x 240mm, M16 x 260mm, M16 x 280mm, M16 x 300mm, M16 x 325mm, M16 x 350mm, M16 x 375mm, M16 x 400mm, M16 x 450mm, M16 x 45mm, M16 x 500mm, M16 x 50mm, M16 x 65mm, M16 x 75mm, M16 x 90mm, M20 x 100mm, M20 x 120mm, M20 x 130mm, M20 x 140mm, M20 x 150mm, M20 x 180mm, M20 x 200mm, M20 x 220mm, M20 x 240mm, M20 x 260mm, M20 x 280mm, M20 x 300mm, M20 x 330mm, M20 x 340mm, M20 x 350mm, M20 x 380mm, M20 x 400mm, M20 x 450mm, M20 x 500mm, M20 x 50mm, M20 x 550mm, M20 x 600mm, M20 x 65mm, M20 x 75mm, M20 x 90mm, M24 x 400mm, _


-, plain steel, _, hot-dip galvanised steel, zinc plated steel – clear/silver

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