Hex head bolts – with nuts & washers – structural assembly


These structural grade hex head bolts are made from hot-dip galvanised steel – class 8.8. They come with structural grade nuts and washers for easy assembly.



These structural grade hex head bolts are made from hot-dip galvanised steel – class 8.8. They come with structural grade nuts and washers for easy assembly.


  • High tensile bolts, nuts and washers
  • Made from hot-dip galvanised steel for resistance to corrosion in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Meets the toughest Australian structural standards

 Structural grade assembly  – quick reference

Code Size Specs Qty
SBASSMG12030HP M12 x 30mm HDG C8.8 200
SBASSMG12035HP M12 x 35mm HDG C8.8 200
SBASSMG12040HP M12 x 40mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12045HP M12 x 45mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12050HP M12 x 50mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12060HP M12 x 60mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12065HP M12 x 65mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12070HP M12 x 70mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12075HP M12 x 75mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12080HP M12 x 80mm HDG C8.8 150
SBASSMG12090HP M12 x 90mm HDG C8.8 100
SBASSMG12100HP M12 x 100mm HDG C8.8 100
SBASSMG12120HP M12 x 120mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG12130HP M12 x 130mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG12150HP M12 x 150mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG12180HP M12 x 180mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG12200HP M12 x 200mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG16040HP M16 x 40mm HDG C8.8 100
SBASSMG16045HP M16 x 45mm HDG C8.8 100
SBASSMG16050HP M16 x 50mm HDG C8.8 100
SBASSMG16055HP M16 x 55mm HDG C8.8 100
SBASSMG16060HP M16 x 60mm HDG C8.8 100
SBASSMG16065HP M16 x 65mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG16070HP M16 x 70mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG16075HP M16 x 75mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG16080HP M16 x 80mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG16090HP M16 x 90mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG16100HP M16 x 100mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG16120HP M16 x 120mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG16130HP M16 x 130mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG16140HP M16 x 140mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG16150HP M16 x 150mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG16160HP M16 x 160mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG16170HP M16 x 170mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG16180HP M16 x 180mm HDG C8.8 35
SBASSMG16190HP M16 x 190mm HDG C8.8 35
SBASSMG16200HP M16 x 200mm HDG C8.8 35
SBASSMG16220HP M16 x 220mm HDG C8.8 35
SBASSMG16250HP M16 x 250mm HDG C8.8 35
SBASSMG16270HP M16 x 270mm HDG C8.8 35
SBASSMG16300HP M16 x 300mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG16350HP M16 x 350mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG16400HP M16 x 400mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG16450HP M16 x 450mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG20040HP M20 x 40mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG20045HP M20 x 45mm HDG C8.8 75
SBASSMG20050HP M20 x 50mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20055HP M20 x 55mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20060HP M20 x 60mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20065HP M20 x 65mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20070HP M20 x 70mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20075HP M20 x 75mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20080HP M20 x 80mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20085HP M20 x 85mm HDG C8.8 50
SBASSMG20090HP M20 x 90mm HDG C8.8 40
SBASSMG20100HP M20 x 100mm HDG C8.8 40
SBASSMG20120HP M20 x 120mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG20130HP M20 x 130mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG20140HP M20 x 140mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG20150HP M20 x 150mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG20160HP M20 x 160mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG20180HP M20 x 180mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG20190HP M20 x 190mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG20200HP M20 x 200mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG20220HP M20 x 220mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG20240HP M20 x 240mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG20275HP M20 x 275mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG20300HP M20 x 300mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG20350HP M20 x 350mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG20400HP M20 x 400mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG20450HP M20 x 450mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG24050HP M24 x 50mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24055HP M24 x 55mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24060HP M24 x 60mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24065HP M24 x 65mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24070HP M24 x 70mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24075HP M24 x 75mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24080HP M24 x 80mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24085HP M24 x 85mm HDG C8.8 30
SBASSMG24090HP M24 x 90mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG24100HP M24 x 100mm HDG C8.8 25
SBASSMG24120HP M24 x 120mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG24130HP M24 x 130mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG24140HP M24 x 140mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG24150HP M24 x 150mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG24160HP M24 x 160mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG24170HP M24 x 170mm HDG C8.8 20
SBASSMG24180HP M24 x 180mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG24200HP M24 x 200mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG24220HP M24 x 220mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG24240HP M24 x 240mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG24300HP M24 x 300mm HDG C8.8 10
SBASSMG24350HP M24 x 350mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG24400HP M24 x 400mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG24450HP M24 x 450mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG24500HP M24 x 500mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG24550HP M24 x 550mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG30075HP M30 x 75mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG30080HP M30 x 80mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG30085HP M30 x 85mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG30090HP M30 x 90mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG30100HP M30 x 100mm HDG C8.8 15
SBASSMG30120HP M30 x 120mm HDG C8.8 10
SBASSMG30130HP M30 x 130mm HDG C8.8 10
SBASSMG30140HP M30 x 140mm HDG C8.8 10
SBASSMG30150HP M30 x 150mm HDG C8.8 10
SBASSMG30160HP M30 x 160mm HDG C8.8 10
SBASSMG30170HP M30 x 170mm HDG C8.8 10
SBASSMG30180HP M30 x 180mm HDG C8.8 8
SBASSMG30200HP M30 x 200mm HDG C8.8 8
SBASSMG30220HP M30 x 220mm HDG C8.8 8
SBASSMG30240HP M30 x 240mm HDG C8.8 8
SBASSMG30300HP M30 x 300mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG30350HP M30 x 350mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG30400HP M30 x 400mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG30450HP M30 x 450mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG30500HP M30 x 500mm HDG C8.8 1
SBASSMG30550HP M30 x 550mm HDG C8.8 1

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M12 x 100mm, M12 x 110mm, M12 x 120mm, M12 x 130mm, M12 x 150mm, M12 x 180mm, M12 x 200mm, M12 x 30mm, M12 x 35mm, M12 x 40mm, M12 x 45mm, M12 x 50mm, M12 x 55mm, M12 x 60mm, M12 x 65mm, M12 x 70mm, M12 x 75mm, M12 x 80mm, M12 x 90mm, M16 x 100mm, M16 x 110mm, M16 x 120mm, M16 x 130mm, M16 x 140mm, M16 x 150mm, M16 x 160mm, M16 x 170mm, M16 x 180mm, M16 x 190mm, M16 x 200mm, M16 x 220mm, M16 x 240mm, M16 x 250mm, M16 x 270mm, M16 x 300mm, M16 x 30mm, M16 x 350mm, M16 x 400mm, M16 x 40mm, M16 x 450mm, M16 x 45mm, M16 x 50mm, M16 x 55mm, M16 x 60mm, M16 x 65mm, M16 x 70mm, M16 x 75mm, M16 x 80mm, M16 x 90mm, M20 x 100mm, M20 x 110mm, M20 x 120mm, M20 x 130mm, M20 x 140mm, M20 x 150mm, M20 x 160mm, M20 x 180mm, M20 x 190mm, M20 x 200mm, M20 x 210mm, M20 x 220mm, M20 x 240mm, M20 x 260mm, M20 x 275mm, M20 x 280mm, M20 x 300mm, M20 x 350mm, M20 x 400mm, M20 x 40mm, M20 x 450mm, M20 x 45mm, M20 x 50mm, M20 x 55mm, M20 x 60mm, M20 x 65mm, M20 x 70mm, M20 x 75mm, M20 x 80mm, M20 x 85mm, M20 x 90mm, M24 x 100mm, M24 x 110mm, M24 x 120mm, M24 x 130mm, M24 x 140mm, M24 x 150mm, M24 x 160mm, M24 x 170mm, M24 x 180mm, M24 x 200mm, M24 x 220mm, M24 x 230mm, M24 x 240mm, M24 x 280mm, M24 x 300mm, M24 x 350mm, M24 x 400mm, M24 x 415mm, M24 x 450mm, M24 x 500mm, M24 x 50mm, M24 x 550mm, M24 x 55mm, M24 x 60mm, M24 x 65mm, M24 x 70mm, M24 x 75mm, M24 x 80mm, M24 x 85mm, M24 x 90mm, M30 x 100mm, M30 x 110mm, M30 x 120mm, M30 x 130mm, M30 x 140mm, M30 x 150mm, M30 x 160mm, M30 x 170mm, M30 x 180mm, M30 x 200mm, M30 x 220mm, M30 x 240mm, M30 x 300mm, M30 x 350mm, M30 x 400mm, M30 x 450mm, M30 x 500mm, M30 x 550mm, M30 x 75mm, M30 x 80mm, M30 x 85mm, M30 x 90mm, M36 x 120mm, M36 x 130mm, M36 x 140mm, M36 x 180mm


hot-dip galvanised steel – class 8.8