Set screws – hex head – fully threaded bolts – nylon


Nylon set screws provide electrical insulation and are temperature resistant. They are available in sizes M4 x 12mm to M16 x 70mm.

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Nylon set screws provide electrical insulation and are temperature resistant. They are available in sizes M4 x 12mm to M16 x 70mm.


  • Hex head for quick and convenient fixing
  • Durable, strong and lightweight
  • Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and weathering
  • Non-flammable and provides isolation from other materials
  • Use with our range of nylon nuts and washers

Nylon set screws – quick reference

Code Size Specs Qty
BS66PCM040012 M4 x 12mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM040016 M4 x 16mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM040020 M4 x 20mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM040025 M4 x 25mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM040030 M4 x 30mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050010 M5 x 10mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050012 M5 x 12mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050016 M5 x 16mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050020 M5 x 20mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050025 M5 x 25mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050030 M5 x 30mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050035 M5 x 35mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM050040 M5 x 40mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060012 M6 x 12mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060016 M6 x 16mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060020 M6 x 20mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060025 M6 x 25mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060030 M6 x 30mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060035 M6 x 35mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060040 M6 x 40mm Nylon 100
BS66PCM060050 M6 x 50mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080016 M8 x 16mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080020 M8 x 20mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080025 M8 x 25mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080030 M8 x 30mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080035 M8 x 35mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080040 M8 x 40mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080050 M8 x 50mm Nylon 50
BS66PCM080060 M8 x 60mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100016 M10 x 16mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100020 M10 x 20mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100025 M10 x 25mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100030 M10 x 30mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100035 M10 x 35mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100040 M10 x 40mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100050 M10 x 50mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100060 M10 x 60mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM100070 M10 x 70mm Nylon 25
BS66PCM120030 M12 x 30mm Nylon 20
BS66PCM120040 M12 x 40mm Nylon 20
BS66PCM120050 M12 x 50mm Nylon 20
BS66PCM120060 M12 x 60mm Nylon 20
BS66PCM120070 M12 x 70mm Nylon 20
BS66PCM160030 M16 x 30mm Nylon 5
BS66PCM160040 M16 x 40mm Nylon 5
BS66PCM160050 M16 x 50mm Nylon 5
BS66PCM160060 M16 x 60mm Nylon 5
BS66PCM160070 M16 x 70mm Nylon 5

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M03 x 10mm, M03 x 12mm, M03 x 16mm, M03 x 20mm, M03 x 25mm, M03 x 30mm, M03 x 35mm, M03 x 40mm, M03 x 6mm, M03 x 8mm, M04 x 10mm, M04 x 12mm, M04 x 16mm, M04 x 20mm, M04 x 25mm, M04 x 30mm, M04 x 35mm, M04 x 40mm, M04 x 6mm, M04 x 8mm, M05 x 10mm, M05 x 12mm, M05 x 16mm, M05 x 20mm, M05 x 25mm, M05 x 30mm, M05 x 35mm, M05 x 40mm, M05 x 45mm, M05 x 50mm, M05 x 6mm, M05 x 8mm, M06 x 10mm, M06 x 12mm, M06 x 16mm, M06 x 20mm, M06 x 25mm, M06 x 30mm, M06 x 35mm, M06 x 40mm, M06 x 45mm, M06 x 50mm, M06 x 60mm, M06 x 6mm, M08 x 100mm, M08 x 10mm, M08 x 12mm, M08 x 16mm, M08 x 20mm, M08 x 25mm, M08 x 30mm, M08 x 35mm, M08 x 40mm, M08 x 45mm, M08 x 50mm, M08 x 60mm, M08 x 70mm, M08 x 80mm, M10 x 100mm, M10 x 16mm, M10 x 20mm, M10 x 25mm, M10 x 30mm, M10 x 35mm, M10 x 40mm, M10 x 45mm, M10 x 50mm, M10 x 60mm, M10 x 70mm, M10 x 80mm, M10 x 90mm, M12 x 100mm, M12 x 25mm, M12 x 30mm, M12 x 35mm, M12 x 40mm, M12 x 45mm, M12 x 50mm, M12 x 60mm, M12 x 70mm, M12 x 75mm, M12 x 90mm, M16 x 25mm, M16 x 30mm, M16 x 35mm, M16 x 40mm, M16 x 45mm, M16 x 50mm, M16 x 60mm, M16 x 65mm, M16 x 70mm, M16 x 75mm, M20 x 50mm, M20 x 60mm, M20 x 65mm, M20 x 75mm, M24 x 50mm, M24 x 60mm